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Jarell’s team works with all project stakeholders to ensure that a comprehensive plan is in place so that the project can be completed on-time and on-budget. Jarell will visit your site, review any preliminary plans, provide a budget price for the project, and suggest alternatives (value engineering) so that the cost of the project is controlled. During the Pre-Construction Phase Jarell’s participation reduces the likelihood of preventable delays, unexpected costs, and plan modifications during the Construction Phase.

Jarell’s estimation process is based on the information acquired during the Pre-Construction Phase or upon receipt of architectural or design plans. Three or more comparable quotes are evaluated prior to a sub-contractor being chosen by Jarell, and, once a contract has been signed, a project time-line is produced. During the estimation process respecting the client’s vision and budget is Jarell’s main focus.

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This phase begins the moment that site work commences. Jarell implements its
internal project management procedures and Jarell’s site supervisor is tasked with ensuring that the project meets its deadline delivery date. Site meetings with all stakeholders are held as required and modifications, if required by site conditions, are expertly managed.

Jarell’s goal during the Construction Phase is to complete the project on-time and on-budget.



Once the project is completed the site is toured by the client’s project team. During the Post-Construction Phase any elements that require further work are noted and Jarell coordinates remediation with the project sub-contractors. After this work is completed Jarell assembles any warrantees, guarantees, certificates, product information, and as-built plans for presentation to the client. During the Post-Construction Phase Jarell is committed to providing support and services to the client and laying the ground-work for collaboration on future projects.